I need Help , because I experience stress, and I need Guru to guide me to set up a positive mindset…




So I decided to attend seminar to focus on the GOOD, that can bring happiness to life! I going to share the knowledge i had learned.

1) Robert G Allen


Succeed ( 3 Knowledge)

  •  V How  – How to drive , more technical knowledge
  • We How – Team of people pursuit
  • Be How- How you think,  how you organize your self

3 Major Stream ( how you divide your Full time job and Part time)

  • 50%
  • 25%
  • 20% (Weekly)


2) James Mc Neil




The Guru Builder:

  • I Believe :
  • Be More
  • Do More
  • Have More
  • Give More


3) Gerry Robert




If you are looking for an exciting way to learn way to marketing – Publish A Book and Grow Rich workshop is your choice. I will be very transperant of what I had learn from his 3 days workshop.

 Step 1:  Published Yourself

  • Primary Objective
  • Target Market

Step 2: Write the right Content

Step 3: Design an awesome Cover

  • ?? put Question
  • Sell/ Theme
  • Quality Photo
  • Author

Step 4: Capture LEADS

  • Download a copy ( not write E-Book)
  • Get a Free Book ( Cause E-book is no value)

Step 5: Boost Your Sales

  • Sell It Fast

Step 6: Free Publicity

Step 7: Fund It 

  • Resource/ advertisement at the End of the book
  • Put  Sponsor Details

Step 8: Decide !


4) Peng Joon – Internet Marketing


I had learned the mindset of a successful Internet Marketer. To be honest and sincere is the main point.

Closely Guarded Secret to experience

Many of marketers spend months even years studying how to be effective in Internet Marketing. THis is all well and good, but all this will be nothing if you not willing to put your skills out on the open market where it will be actually tested under pressure . The truth of the matter is that there is not absolute recipe for success as an Internet Marketer. You just have to grit your teeth and dive into the whole mess. You learn fast, and you will be able to find out what works and what does not.

SO What To Do Next? —- 

“Hungry” for more and more knowledge

Stop thinking that you know enough to keep you on your business. The world of business is ever-evolving with new players with creative methods.Talk to your customers. Know what makes them happy and what frustrates them. Find out how you can be operate more effectively on a day-to-day basis.


5) Kerry Zurier – Money And You




This year 2014, I  have attended Money and You. At first , i thought it will be another course that teach you how to be entrepreneur and start your own business. But I am wrong….
Money & You Program is a Life- transformation program. This course change many people life and mindset.
Well, i heard about this course 4 years ago, yet I think it is too expensive for me to join. Of course , my attendance is not coincidence.  I have signed up this course last year when I was confused about my career. And then one day around October, my friend who I met only twice, sent me a message ” hey doris, do you want to join money & you? we lack of one person “
Just a simple message, it took my attention without attend the preview and i replied on the next morning , ” Ok, count me in!”

Most People Spend Their Life Earning A Living Rather Than Designing Their Life. 

I have learn some key points :




  • Result
  • Synergy
  • System & Rules
  • Team
  • Leverage
  • Niche
  • Master

Bucky said : ” We are here to solve problem, that is why we are here .”


So, start from today, you have to Find something you like to do !!




6) Tom Haupt -Asia Works Basic Training